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How To Become A Dedicated And Passionate Entrepreneur

The road to establishing a successful startup is studded with trials which have too often diluted entrepreneurs ’ will power to stand up and persevere. Virtually anyone can launch a business, but it is a matter of dedication and passion that you put into your company. Becoming a resilient entrepreneur is, therefore, one of the Read more about How To Become A Dedicated And Passionate Entrepreneur[…]


Why Do Startups Fail in Vietnam?

As an emerging economy, Vietnam provides its startup owners with both opportunities and setbacks. Among such barriers, the most underlying reasons stem from the founders themselves and the Vietnamese market. Firstly, Vietnamese entrepreneurs are normally conservative. According to Aaron Everhart, co-founder of Hatch!, Vietnamese entrepreneurs’ mindsets struggle with subtle forms of repression from Confucianism that curtail them Read more about Why Do Startups Fail in Vietnam?[…]