5 Free Websites To Help You Win At VietChallenge

One day, you decided to start working on your brilliant business idea, launch a small startup, and participate in the first entrepreneurship competition for Vietnamese (which is VietChallenge, btw). Suddenly you realized you needed to hire a designer, a video maker, a writer,… basically everyone and everything.

But on the other hand, your budget is too limited. Actually, not even a medium-sized company which has operated for a while can cover for all of those positions.

We come to this list of the 5 best websites which will level up your company’s visual impression without spending a fortune.

1. To create your spot-on pitch deck

The Freepik library is where you find high-quality free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD and photos for using in websites, banners, presentations, magazines… As a professional pitch deck is a sign of a professional business manner, make sure you send us your best shot!

 2. To film your trendy promo video

The last time we filmed a short clip, it had taken us one week to draft the script, gather everyone and shoot, not even mentioning the exhaustion later. Why don’t you make a whiteboard clip for VietChallenge? Moovly has a library full of images and animations ready for you to present your idea in motion.

3. To learn from the best

Okay, Slidebean is not free, but its library full of pitch decks made by successful companies is. Let’s think of Slidebean as a mentor who doesn’t do the job for you, but give you the best advice – already tested by the reality – to draft the most perfect presentations, proposal, etc.

4. To keep up with your Mentor

As one of 16 Semi-Finalists, you will be mentored by one leading expert in business and law. The sessions will be held remotely so that no matter where you are, you will get the most out of their lessons. But what if after we send you an appointment, you think you would reply later but then totally forget?

Just don’t let it happen. Use Inbox by Google. It’s your mailbox, plus reminder, plus to-do list, plus bulletin for your flights, appointments, reservations, pictures. With Inbox, you can snooze that email, turn it into a reminder with a tap. Convenient, right?

5. To create your spot-on pitch deck


When the owner of Canva promotes this website with the motto “Design Made Easy”, they really meant it. Canva enables you to create quick, high-quality visual products for your social media pages, communities, etc. Let’s give your Facebook page a new appearance it deserves!

Now that your pitch deck and promo clip are as professional as possible, click here to APPLY TO VIETCHALLENGE and WIN THE $20,000 PRIZE

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