7 Vietnam-based teams advance to the National Round in Hanoi on June 28

VietChallenge announced 7 teams out of 14 entering the National Final Round on June 28—exceeding its cap-off of six teams for the national round.
On May 31, Jingo, Prime Commerce, Yeuladu, Happy Skin, Marisol, Emmay, and Medlink competed for the second leg of the Semi-final Regional Round in Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC).
At the end of the Semi-final Regional Round in HCMC, six teams (chosen among teams competed in Hanoi and HCMC) were at first declared to enter the next round. The decision was especially hard to make because, according to our judges, teams competed in Ho Chi Minh city were all equally qualified. Therefore, after further discussion, the judges decided to make an additional spot for Medlink in the national final round, raising the number of teams winning the regional semi-final to seven.

The seven winning teams are: Tubudd, Yeuladu, Wicare, Emmay, Smilee, Chungxe, and Medlink.

Besides the unexpected decision made by our judges, this round in Ho Chi Minh city also saw many other surprises. 
The competition welcomed back Emmay, who sent in their application to VietChallenge last year as a start-up franchising in vegetarian food made from mushroom. This year, however, Emmay came back with an entirely different product: sustainable packaging made from mushroom. With their highly-invested R&D and well-organized pilot project, Emmay convincingly entered the next round.
The seven winning teams include Tubudd, Yeuladu, Wicare, Emmay, Smilee, Chungxe, and Medlink.early all of the audiences in the auditorium. Yeuladu is a start-up in sex education, a platform that is the first of its kind in Vietnam and has so far successfully attracted more than 20,000 followers.
With these surprises, VietChallenge Semi-final Regional Round ended on a positive note. However, more teams entering the national round also means more competition. Therefore, VietChallenge hopes that our contestants will garner this heat, this excitement and competitiveness to power their preparation for the national round.

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