Our Mentors who are well-known experts in business will help the 16 Semi-Finalists become a better version of themselves during the period from December to February. The scope of mentorship includes business plan, presentation, pitching skills. All of the mentoring sessions will be held online. 

Business Plan
Presentation Skills
Networking Skills

John Hamilton
Entrepreneur in Residence at UMass Boston, Former COO of Viewfinity, Former COO of Trigence, Inc.
AJ Beach
Adrian “A.J.” Beach, MBA, MS, PMP, has over 18 years investing in and helping build small businesses

Binh Tran
Binh Tran is a partner at 500 Startups Vietnam, a seed stage fund investing in Vietnam-connected startups

Ali Shahid
Ali Shahid is co-founder and COO at Vetted PetCare, the leading in-home vet care platform in the US

Amelia Wellers
Amelia Wellers is the Marketing Lead for the Cambridge Innovation Center, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Ben Hizak
Chief of Product at

Brad Durham
Brad Durham is currently adjunct professor of innovation and entrepreneurship, Boston University and Founder/Director, Global Allocation Strategies, LLC.
Chetan Manikantan
Chetan Manikantan is a software engineer, and a serial entrepreneur. He currently holds the title of founder & CEO at Tengu, a Fintech start-up based in Boston.
  • Before the Semi-Final Round: each Mentor will be in charge of two teams. The Semi-Finalists have the responsibility to participate in all of their mentoring sessions. The attendance will be graded, which adds up to their score in the Semi-Final Round.
  • Before the Final Round: teams which make it to the Final Round have the right to choose a new Mentor or stay with their current Mentor


For Semi-Finalists

  • 1 general webinar with 2 teams: 1/2 - 1 hour
  • 3 one-on-one sessions for each team: min. 30 minutes

For Finalists

  • 3 one-one-one sessions for 1 Finalist: min. 30 minutes