Pitch Your Amazing Idea In Only 10 Slides

A fantastic pitch doesn’t need to be super lengthy and wordy. Actually, it shouldn’t. You can cover all of the important facets in a 10-slide pitch. We are going to show you how.











That’s it, simple and effective. We cover the basis for you. Now if you want to dig deeper, consider various books about this topic on the market, one of which we would highly recommend is Slide:ology of Nancy Duarte.

Presentations with 50 or so words per slide serve as a teleprompter. This less-than-engaging approach often results from a lack of time spent rehearsing the content, and is the default style of many professionals. Unfortunately, presenters who rely on the teleprompter approach also usually turn their backs to the audience. The audience may even perceive such presenters as slow, as the audience reads ahead and has to wait for the presenter to catch up.

Now that you’re ready for the perfect pitch, why don’t you take a look at the VietChallenge 2017 and apply? Even if you’re not that confident, the superb Mentors of the competition this year will help you sharpen your presentation skills, which might be exactly what you need to impress your investors.

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