Results of Screening Round Startups

We are honored to announce the 19 start-ups that were selected from the Screening Round. Congratulations to all 19 teams for your hard work! We are excited to meet all of you soon during the Vietnam and International Semi-final round.


Emmay provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging with Mycelium. Mycelium is found from various waste materials, such as corn and rice husks, has lower production cost and higher durability than plastic. At the moment, Emmay has built a prototype of mycelium-based products. It is the first in Vietnam to test Mycelium technology and among the few worldwide biotech companies to pioneer sustainable packaging materials.

Happy Skin

Happy Skin Vietnam is a media-commerce business about beauty targeting Vietnamese consumers. It seeks to become a leading source of skincare and cosmetic news across different media channels, then leverages its brand name to offer product advertising and spa services.

Happy Skin’s media content and spa operation are already established. It competes directly with popular channels such as Elle, She is, Epomi, Lixibox, and Hasaki.


Marisol aims to solve a niche market inefficiency: lighting for fishing vessels, which amounts to a 100-million market in Vietnam. Compared to traditional halogen light bulbs, Marisol’s products are not only inexpensive but also smaller and light-weight, more durable and more compatible with radio and navigation system on boats.

Currently, Marisol’s LED using wind cooling and water cooling models have been released to the market, and underwater LED fishing light models are in the testing phase. Marisol derives profits from sales and maintenance of its light bulbs.

No Spilled Milk

No Spilled Milk provides additional channels for farmers and wholesale distributors to dispose of food waste. It works with processors to juice, dry or freezes unaesthetic looking fruits and vegetables that would go to waste, eliminating the cosmetic component of food and extending the shelf life of that produce between 30 days and 180 days. It will work with production partners to sell white-label products, taking a share of revenue upon sale through its partnership with brick and mortar channels. No Spilled Milk is currently launching a pilot program.

Hanpu Technologies

Hanpu’s mission is to become the number-one platform for wedding services and digitalize the Vietnamese wedding industry. Hanpu enables couples to plan for their weddings, send out animated wedding invitations, make creative reservations and explore shopping options.

Hanpu generates revenues from standalone web-based SaaS ERP used by wedding businesses, commission when couples book services through its platform and advertising. It is running marketplace MVP and ERP beta version for 10 wedding businesses.  


EMeS strives to improve management of parcels and minimize shipment costs with its Smart Measurement Equipment. Installed with a smart embedded system, its equipment facilitates box-shaped or non-box shaped parcels measurement and automatically recognizes barcodes, increasing effective staff utilization and parcel management.

So far, EMeS’ products have been tested on VNpost Logistics System. EMeS follows B2C sales model, targeting logistics companies and post offices in Vietnam, especially the big players such as VNpost, Giaohangnhanh, and Giaohangtietkiem.


Jingo is a live game show that seeks to create the evolution of live television in Vietnam. Jingo offers free live gaming combined with real reward to drive traffic and create a sustainable native ads platform. Live gaming is highly addictive by the players via gameplay and the big prize, so brands could approach a high volume of players at very low costs. With Jingo, advertisers can now promote products within the game show, real time, to millions of dedicated viewers, while market research companies will benefit from instantly available data.

By February 2019, Jingo has proven to be a solid gaming platform, accumulating more than 20,000 regular users.


Wicare is a digital insurance broker that reward customers to exercise. Customers can not only buy and claim insurance through its app but also claiming rewards for healthy activities such as walking and running. By combining fitness with insurance, Wicare allows high-quality daily interaction with insurance customers compared to the industry norms of once a year. Wicare also offers micro-insurance that customers can buy monthly at a very low cost, lowering entry barriers for a vast segment of the market.

Wicare follows subscription and direct sales model and is testing the beta version in March 2019. Wicare has amassed a waitlist of 500 people from 1 runner community, 6 SME companies, and early online registrants.

VCC Exchange

VCCE partners with the largest and most trusted exchanges worldwide to create the first Vietnam-based exchange that meets security and liquidity international standard. VCCE allows customers to enjoy a real-time exchange with local language and support.

Its revenue comes mainly from transaction fees and listing fees. Currently, VCCE ( is in a testing phase.


Medlink seeks to revolutionize the drug distribution model in Vietnam by creating a platform that directly connects consumers, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. For consumers, Medlink platform offers a range of services to customers including drug purchases, discounts on supplements, medicine usage record and free online consultancy with certified doctors and pharmacists. Medlink allows pharmacies to receive direct orders from both pharmaceuticals companies and customers. It also serves pharmaceutical companies to distribute their products to pharmacies without third-party salesmen.

Medlink has launched the second version of its product. It has successfully drawn a network of 8 pharmaceutical companies and 3000+ pharmacies to its platform.


Chungxe attempts to standardize the car rental process in Vietnam. Chungxe builds an online platform to assist customers in sharing and rent different types of vehicles easily and economically, by offering a full package of rental services including price comparison, rating and reviews, payment intermediary, insurance for customers and vehicle owners.

Chungxe has developed the finished product and acquired a solid customer base. It has more than 600 bookings per month and covers 8 big cities and travel destinations in Hanoi, Danang, HCMC, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hue, Da Lat, Quy Nhon.  

Prime Commerce

Prime Commerce provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions for SMEs and Brands to do effective business on the digital age. Prime Commerce aids its clients to produce digital content for their online campaigns, manage their online communities, execute their influence marketing campaigns and set up a digital dashboard for senior management to manage their business performance in real-time.

Prime Commerce has listed several agencies and brands as its clients and plans to expand to other regions and market niches in 2019.

Smilee Vietnam

Smilee Vietnam renders a home whitening kit – a friendly, convenient and affordable whitening method without causing sensitivity. Our product includes three main parts: whitening gel, wearable tray and LED light. The whitening gel is made of sodium bicarbonate with natural ingredients which can soothe your teeth sensitivity while LED light is applied to accelerate the gel’s activity. Therefore, the treatment contains 6-9 times of 20 minutes each.

Smilee’s revenue mainly comes from selling the whitening kit at $30/kit. It also creates profits from subscribers who receive the refill gel every 3-6 months. Smilee boasted a customer base of 1000 one-time buyers and 300 subscribers with $30,000 revenue in just 2 months.


YeulaDu creates real and virtual KOLs to lend an ear to the youngsters, letting users interact with their idols surrounding their interested topics and ultimately serving as a forum for Love and Sex Education. Through community sharing, YeulaDu’s group of 30 experts, including doctors, psychologists, policemen, and lawyers consult users in love problems and safe sex practice.

YeulaDu generates revenues from advertising through its contents of comics and viral videos. Other sources of revenues are direct online sales and donations. YeulaDu has constructed nearly 1 million followers and subscribers, and 2 million reaches per month. It plans to build an application and website in 2019.


Oxtale is a modern D2C food brand for home cooks seeking uncompromised global flavors – in less time than it takes to get delivery. Oxtale crafts shelf-stable, single-use packets with a concentrated paste that serves as foundational flavor – with all of the non-GMO seasonings, spices, and aromatics already cooked traditionally inside. This innovative, chef-approved format (not a meal kit nor meal delivery) allows users to cook authentic, global dishes in under 30 minutes + 4 ingredients – without sacrificing health or convenience.

Oxtale ran a successful beta in the fall and are ramping up for a launch in Q2 2019.


DatBike makes electric motorcycles for the Vietnamese market. All current electric options are underpowered, only-for-children and uncool. Adult commuters have to resort to gasoline bikes which are harmful to the breathing air and expensive to operate.  DatBike’s electric motorcycle rivals gasoline bikes in power (7hp) and range (100km+) and only takes 3h to charge. DatBike’s electric vehicle, priced at $2500 each, can rival that of Honda or Yamaha.

DatBike has a production-ready prototype and is building up an assembly factory in Da Nang, Vietnam.  

Xeca Vietnam

Xeca provides a suite of products that improve the efficiency of transportation, including E-Ticketing Management System, E-Logistics Management System, E-Finance Management System, Online Ticketing Platform.

So far, Xeca is present in 18 provinces in Vietnam, over 40 car companies and sold over 1 million tickets.


TUBUDD connects travelers with a local buddy that suits their desired traveling needs. TUBUDD offers fully customizable tours at competitive prices. Locals will bring a completely authentic and novel experience to tourists.

TUBUDD is present in big cities in Vietnam and has been featured on prominent national media such as VTV and VnExpress.

Succulents Box

Succulents Box handpicks the best succulents from growers, pack and delivers orders to customers’ doors. Its website is streamlined and user friendly, with IDs and care instruction of all available succulents. Buying from growers means that the succulents are grown in ideal conditions. Succulents Box inspects the plants very carefully before shipping to make sure they’re free of pest and diseases. It sources from 10+ local growers, some of which offer the rarest and most sought after varieties

Succulents Box has positive cash flow since Day 1. Additionally, by basing its operation office in Vietnam, it is able to maintain minimal costs.

Thank you to all other teams that participated in the screening round this year. We hope to see your names again next year with a bigger and stronger comeback!